Beneficial Tools for Multi-Platform Cell Application Development

Today, it is now easy for developers to develop desktop applications. Builders are provided with 3 OS platforms: Windows, Apache and Mac OS to choose from in addition to often ways to make the software written on one platform managed with others. At this time technology is a fast business and the best thing today, might not be a best part tomorrow. And so developers started developing mobile applications using multi-platforms and one cannot underestimate the benefits associated with multi-platform applications. Luckily, there are some great tools for developing multi-platform mobile applications which are as below -




Phone-Gap is a FOSS environment that helps the developers to develop software for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, i-Pad and iPod Feel devices. The platform uses standard web development dialects like Java Script and HTML. This also allows the developers to work with hardware features like - GPS, camera, accelerometer, sound and many others. Phone-Gap offers online training courses to the designers to help them in accessing native API's




This is a perfect iphone app for non-developers. This kind of tool helps the non-developers to develop mobile applications by dragging and shedding mobile elements. Set up person does not have any technical knowledge, he can easily still get some cross-formatting done with Whoop. Whoop allows the developers to export their application in various formats with regards to the main system, including iPhone, Android, Cell phone, Widows Mobile and more.




This tool offers Rhodes, a Ruby structured open-source framework. This allows the developers to create native applications for an array of Smartphones and operating systems including - Android, i phone, Blackberry, Windows mobile, Symbian etc. The good thing about this program is that, it lets the developer to publish code only once and utilize it to build application for all the major Smartphones.




Widget-pad is an open source environment for producing Smartphone programs. This program uses standard web development languages like - HTML 5, CSS# and JavaScript. The program has features like - source code editing, job management, collaboration, debugging, version and distribution. Widget-Pad is currently in private Beta and can be used to build software for Android, i-OS and Web-OS.




The Appcelerator's Ti Development platform helps in developing native mobile, computer's desktop and tablet software and uses web programming 'languages' like - HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and Phyton. This tool allows the users to access more than 300 APIs and location information. The programs can be based totally on the hardware, where the software data is stored on the device or in the cloud. This platform also offers metrics that happen to be customizable for events and actions.

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